Why Invest In A Villa At Patong Hill Estate

Patong Hill Estate is offering luxury accommodation in an exclusive location and stunning sea views on a land area of 9 rai (14.400 sqm). With the aim of offering 5-star services to its clients and villa owners with an 7% revenue guarantee by the bank for 3 years. The villas have been operated on a short term rental basis for several years and it has been highly successful with actual returns in excess of the guaranteed amount.

8 Bedroom Villa For Sale

Our 8-bedroom villa is the perfect combination of modern and traditional Thai style, harmoniously delivering luxury and practicality in a peaceful tropical setting. Located within an arm’s reach of Phuket’s famous attractions, this villa is excellent for large families and entertaining guests.

5 Bedroom Villa For Sale

Our 5-bedroom villas offer a spacious and elegant space with gorgeous views of Patong City, the Andaman Sea and lush tropical gardens. Just minutes away from some of Phuket’s famous attractions, this villa is excellent for family members of all ages.

Our Location

Covering a surface of 9 rai (14,400 sqm), Patong Hill Estate is located on the beautiful west coast of Phuket and is only approximately 800 meters from the beach and features a luxurious tropical garden and magnificent views of Patong Bay and the Andaman Sea.

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